The new Redkey R20 vacuum robot will be launched soon, base station equipped with a 10.1-inch screen

Redkey R20 is the world's first high-definition smart touch large-screen full-featured vacuum and mopping robot, it will be officially released in July.

Redkey has conducted in-depth research to create a truly convenient intelligent vacuum robot, the Redkey R20. All functions on the APP can be achieved through a large 10.1-inch screen embedded in the base station, completely freeing the user from the cell phone APP.

R20 has a built-in smart chip, and the smart screen can directly control the vacuum robot. After the user gives instructions to the chip through the control screen, the chip will instruct the base station to send instructions to the vacuum robot through radio waves, thus realizing intelligent control. The process is simple and convenient.

The smart screen allows users to bid farewell to cumbersome network pairing and other problems, and it is easier and more convenient to start smart cleaning. The elderly can easily use it even without a smartphone. The machine also supports scanning the QR code to connect to the APP, which is faster and easier.

In terms of cleaning performance, the R20 has a large suction power of 4000Pa, and uses a rotating mopping method to wipe the floor. It also supports functions such as automatic backwashing, mop lifting, self-dust collection, automatic drying, and electrolytic water sterilization. It is equipped with excellent LDS laser navigation technology and obstacle avoidance technology.

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