Redkey W12 SE: The all-in-one vacuum cleaner that saves half the cleaning time

In the rapid-paced life, the traditional cleaning method of vacuuming first and then mopping the floor is slow and wastes time, which can no longer meet the needs of consumers. How can we improve the efficiency of household hygiene and cleaning and save cleaning time?

We found that there is a newly launched Redkey W12 SE wet and dry vacuum cleaner recently, which integrates the three functions of vacuuming, mopping, and self-cleaning. It is equipped with a new generation of electric brush heads, which can efficiently remove stubborn dirt; W12 SE can self-clean the roller brush, suction port and pipe. Compared with other scrubbers whose self-cleaning is limited by the socket, the W12 SE base can be moved freely, so it can self-clean anytime and anywhere. In addition, it also has electrolytic water sterilization technology and better water leakage prevention technology.



Redkey W12 SE Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

So how does the Redkey W12 SE clean? Is the cleaning effect satisfactory? We will tell you the answer through the test results.


1. Unboxing - abundant buttons and lightweight

2. Product Specifications

3. Vacuuming, mopping, and self-cleaning - saving time and effort

4. Cleaning effect of a new generation of electric brush - fast and clean

5. Self-cleaning effect- cleaner, self-cleaning anytime and anywhere

6. Effect of electrolyzed water sterilization technology - safer and more environmentally friendly

7. Anti-leakage technical effect - no water stain residue

8. Summary: W12 SE is worth buying


1.Unboxing - abundant buttons and lightweight

Open the box, there are Redkey W12 SE main motor, handle, roller brush, 2 water tanks, user manual, power adapter and base. According to the user manual, we can quickly get started with W12 SE.



 The body of W12 SE wet and dry vacuum cleaner is mainly in black and white, simple and elegant. There are three buttons on the handle. For different buttons, the instruction manual has detailed introduction: the top one is the power switch, short press to start the deep scrubbing mode (Blue light), press the second time to switch to the vacuum mode (Green light). In the middle is the water volume control button: large water volume (Red light), small water volume (White light), water off (Light off). At the bottom is the self-cleaning button, press and hold for 1.5s to start, and press it again to stop self-cleaning.



Picking up the W12 SE does not feel bulky, because it weighs only 3.7Kg. There is a large roller design at the brush head, which is easy to move; when cleaning, the brush head will generate a forward traction, so it is easy to push forward.


Easy to move

W12 SE has two water tanks, the clean water tank has a capacity of 600ml, and it has a built-in electrolytic water generator. The capacity of the dirty water tank is 550ml, and there is a sponge filter at the connection between the dirty water tank and the air outlet, which can filter dirty water vapor.


2.Product Specifications

· Suction: 5500Pa

· Rated power: 180W

· Clean water tank capacity: 600ml

· Dirty water tank capacity: 550ml

· Battery capacity: 2600mAh

· Battery life: 45min

· Charging time: 5.5-6h

· Mode: Deep scrubbing mode, Vacuum mode

· Maximum noise: 80dB

· Roller brush type: fluffy roller brush with built-in hard bristles

· Roller brush length: 23cm

· Roller brush speed: 2600 times/min

· Net weight: 3.7Kg

The battery capacity is 2600mAh, and it can clean an area of 120㎡ on one charge. The rotating speed of the roller brush is 2600 times/min, which is faster than ordinary wet and dry vacuum cleaner, and the effect of wiping stubborn stains is better. The main unit weighs only 3.7Kg, which is much lighter than other machine at 4.5-5Kg. It can be lifted easily without effort. It is suitable for women, the elderly and other people.

After a brief understanding of the basic configuration and functions of the Redkey W12 SE scrubber, we test it.


3.Vacuuming, mopping, and self-cleaning - saving time and effort

Many people complain that the cleaning method of vacuuming first and then mopping the floor is too time-consuming, and there is almost no more energy to spend a lot of time cleaning the room after get off work. Can the Redkey W12 SE scrubber help me clean my room efficiently?

In the test, I used the W12 SE to clean a 90㎡ apartment, and it took only 20 minutes to complete the cleaning. Compared with the traditional cleaning method of 60 minutes, it takes 40 minutes less. The W12 SE has a high cleaning efficiency and has saved me a lot of time.


High cleaning efficiency

The main reason is that W12 SE integrates multiple cleaning steps into one, vacuuming and mopping the floor at the same time, and the constant water supply rinses the roller brush, without manual cleaning. Therefore, the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved.


4.Cleaning effect of a new generation of electric brush - fast and clean

The cleaning effect is satisfactory, such as stubborn footprints, W12 SE can be easily cleaned in one go. For example, after taking a shower, if there are too many water stains left in the bathroom, just mop it with W12 SE, and the water stains will not be visible on the floor, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.


Good cleaning effect

Redkey W12 SE uses a new generation of electric brush. During the cleaning process, the roller brush quickly wipes the floor at a speed of up to 2600 rpm. The roller brush has built-in hard bristles to more effectively remove stubborn stains. The innovatively designed special scraper at the bottom of the brush head efficiently scrapes away excess water stains on the floor and sucks them into the dirty water tank. On the other hand, the comb-teeth hanging bar of the brush cover clean the dirt on the surface of the roller brush in time, and cleans up the entangled hair to a certain extent.

The Redkey W12 SE wet and dry vacuum cleaner has an excellent cleaning effect and can save a lot of cleaning time. It is an efficient cleaning tool.


5.Self-cleaning effect- cleaner, self-cleaning anytime and anywhere

How about the self-cleaning performance of Redkey W12 SE? We test it to tell you the answer.

Before self-cleaning, we deliberately stained the roller brush with a mixture of soy sauce, ketchup, milk and dust, and then turned on the self-cleaning with one button. After about 1 min 30s, the self-cleaning ends. Open the brush cover and we can see: the roller brush is thoroughly cleaned, and there is no dirt residue on the inner wall of the suction port and the pipe. It can be seen that the self-cleaning of the W12 SE can clean the roller brush without too much manual intervention.


Self-cleaning effect

It should be noted that the clean water tank needs to be filled with water before self-cleaning, otherwise the water volume is not enough for self-cleaning, which will affect the cleanin effect. At the same time, empty the dirty water tank in advance, otherwise the self-cleaning may not start.

The self-cleaning effect of the W12 SE is excellent, thanks to the combination of multiple fast and slow cycle cleaning methods, the suction port is clean, there is no dirt residue.

I am also satisfied: Redkey W12 SE supports self-cleaning anytime and anywhere. Unlike ordinary wet and dry vacuum cleaner that can be self-cleaning only when powered on. Thanks to the upgrade of self-cleaning technology, it can also be self-cleaning without without plugging in, which is more flexible. For example, after cleaning the bathroom, you can directly take the base into the bathroom to self-clean, which is very convenient.


Self-cleaning anytime, anywhere without power supply


6.Effect of electrolyzed water sterilization technology - safer and more environmentally friendly

In daily cleaning, it is necessary to sterilize and disinfect the floor frequently, so that children can rest assured to play on the ground.

The traditional method is to use ground disinfectant, which is costly and may corrode the water pump. Redkey W12 SE uses a low-cost, more environmentally friendly electrolytic water sterilization technology.

After power on, the water will be electrolyzed into electrolyzed water with sterilizing function to sterilize the floor and roller brush. Electrolyzed water has the advantages of efficient sterilization, safety, environmental protection, and low cost, and it is reassuring to use.


7.Anti-leakage technical effect - no water stain residue

After some ordinary floor washing machines stop working, when you pick up the machine, there is always a lot of sewage residue on the ground, and even sewage in the pipes keeps dripping.

After Redkey W12 SE stop working, we stood the machine upright and picked it up, and found that it did not leave a lot of sewage like ordinary machines, and the pipes did not drip sewage downward.

In fact, this is mainly due to the W12 SE adopting multiple anti-leakage measures: not only the residual water stains in the secondary recovery pipeline; but also the application of an anti-sewage backflow structure to avoid sewage dripping in the pipe.

W12 SE also designed an inverted triangle depression in the middle of the base. During self-cleaning, the backflow of sewage behind the base is accelerated to avoid sewage remaining on the base.


8.Summary: W12 SE is worth buying

The Redkey W12 SE wet and dry vacuum cleaner not only has excellent cleaning ability, self-cleaning ability and strong sterilization ability, but also give a good user experience. Using it for cleaning, I saved 2/3 of the cleaning time, and I don't need to worry about the troubles such as manually cleaning the dirty roller brush after cleaning.

The Redkey W12 SE offers a great cleaning experience at an affordable price. This machine continues Redkey’s line of being friendly to the people. Compared with the scrubbers with the same function on the market, the price of Redkey W12 SE is less than 16000 rubles, it's cost-effective and worth buying.


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