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About Redkey

Redkey is a cutting-edge product creator who dedicated to creating a comfortable and simple life with perfect products.

Redkey will provide customer simple and efficient household cleaning solutions, rather than cumbersome solutions.

The original intention of our product design is to make the handle vacuum cleaner satisfy all the user's imagination and functional requirements as much as possible, and to create an easy-to-use humanized product in an "All-in" way.

Redkey's products can become the most trusted partner in the customer's family. The production technology derived from the world's top 3 factories and the industry's most cutting-edge supply chain integration. Redkey is providing you with high-quality, long-lasting , stable, feature-rich, easy-to-use ,high-quality and reliable products.

Brand Concept

Our Product based on big data feedback on product deficiencies and customer keen needs, backed up by leading technologies and top-level international manufacturing factories, Redkey presents the most versatile products in the industry. Redkey product development idea is: To solve existing problems and meet emerging needs. To focus not on being different, but having more and better to offer.

Brand Story

We had deeply corperate with so many good brands in the past, including Xiaomi, Roborock, and Huawei. Most companies have grown and developed into listed companies in China. We have mastered the most cutting-edge industry technology and have a wealth of supplier integration due to the agency of these excellent products. All of these enable us to fully understand the needs and pain points of sellers and customers. We are deeply aware that lacking of integration mechanisms in the market lead to so many requirements cannot be realized. Companies with cutting-edge technology in the market have poor supply chain integration capabilities, resulting in high cost , which has brought huge damage to the general market. And Redkey was born from this.

Global Market

Redkey products have sold in more than 20 countries and received hundreds of positive reviews.

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